This easy recipe makes soft lemon cookies that are perfectly chewy. Coat them in powdered sugar before baking for lemon crinkle cookies everyone will love!

This easy recipe makes soft lemon cookies that are perfectly chewy. Coat them in powdered sugar before baking for lemon crinkle cookies everyone will love!

This easy recipe makes soft lemon cookies that are perfectly chewy. Coat them in powdered sugar before baking for lemon crinkle cookies everyone will love!

One of the most popular recipes on my website is this one for these soft raspberry lemon cookies.

It’s been the most popular recipe almost from the day I posted it and it hasn’t slowed down.  Everyone that makes those cookies loves them.  Everyone I’ve made them for loves them.  I’m not even exaggerating when I say that they seem to be popular with everyone that tries them.

Which, let’s be honest, is a little odd.  With most recipes, some people love them, some hate them, some think they’re just okay….you don’t usually have the same response from everybody that tries it.  And that’s totally fine, we can’t all like the same things.

But everyone likes those raspberry lemon cookies.

So it was really only logical to post a recipe for plain and simple, easy lemon cookies as well.  Since clearly we all enjoy soft lemon cookies.

This easy recipe makes soft lemon cookies that are perfectly chewy. Coat them in powdered sugar before baking for lemon crinkle cookies everyone will love!

But really, what’s not to like?

They’re easy to make, filled with sweet and tangy lemon flavour from fresh lemon juice and lemon zest, and mix up easily in just a few minutes.  You do need to chill this dough, it’s way too sticky to roll into balls and coat in powdered sugar right after mixing it, but after chilling it for an hour it’s doable.  They bake up soft and chewy with that crackly, crinkly texture from the powdered sugar, and they stay soft and chewy for days.  They freeze well too, so you can make them ahead of time, although I would put wax paper between layers of cookies so they don’t stick together, as they are quite soft.

I think these soft lemon cookies disappeared in two days.  There’s only five of us, that’s kind of ridiculous.

It really shouldn’t have surprised me though.  Like I said, everyone loves lemon cookies!

This easy recipe makes soft lemon cookies that are perfectly chewy. Coat them in powdered sugar before baking for lemon crinkle cookies everyone will love!

Tips for perfect Lemon Cookies:

  • When you store these cookies, you will want to place wax paper or parchment paper between layers of cookies as they tend to stick together sometimes, especially if it’s a bit humid (you can also freeze the baked cookies this way)
  • Make sure you chill the dough before trying to shape the cookies as it will be far too sticky to roll in powdered sugar easily when it’s first mixed up. I actually find these cookies work best if you portion the cookie dough out into balls before chilling it (I use a cookie scoop). Then the dough stays nice and cold while rolling them in icing sugar so they bake a bit nicer.
  • I have a lemon zester like this (mine is Pampered Chef brand, but same style) and love it – although it does pull the zest off in long strips so you need to chop it up finely before using it.  I like to mix these cookies up in the food processor so that I can process the sugar and long strips of lemon zest together first which chops the zest up finely – also, combining the zest with the sugar first gives you a more pronounced lemon flavour then if you just mix it into the dough at a later step.
  • Here are some more amazing lemon recipes for you: Raspberry Lemon BlondiesGlazed Lemon Cranberry Muffins, and Lemon Berry No Bake Cheesecake Cups

I’ve also shared this Lemon Cookies Recipe over on Food Fanatic.

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  1. Mandy says:

    These didnt come out well. I was hoping for a cakey puffy cookie. They didnt even turn out as nice as the picture. I’m an experienced baker and refrigerated the dough for 24+ hours, made sure to stick in the oven immediately to keep from flattening. No success.

    1. Stacey says:

      I’m sorry you weren’t happy with how they came out. They actually aren’t cakey, puffy cookies though. As I mention in the recipe write up, they are chewy cookies, and while they’re not super flat, they’re not really puffy either. Mine are usually about 1/2 inch thick after baking. I’m glad you liked the flavour at least!

  2. Jen says:

    I followed the recipe, including refrigerating for over an hour, and could not get the dough to roll into balls. The dough was too sticky. I kneaded in enough flour to be able to handle it, and ended up with half round cookies (the tale tell mark of too much flour). I wanted so much for these cookies to turn out for Christmas… I’m so sad I wasted so much time on them.

    1. Stacey says:

      Sorry they didn’t turn out for you Jen. Not being there, I can’t really say what went wrong. It is a soft cookie dough, but chilling for an hour has always worked well for me. I do mention in the notes right before the recipe that I find it easier with this cookie dough to scoop the dough into balls with a cookie scoop and chill them already scooped. Then when the individual balls are chilled I roll them into tight balls with my hands and coat them in powdered sugar. But I have scooped it and rolled them into balls after chilling the dough in the bowl too, so I’m sorry that it didn’t work well for you.

  3. Nancy says:

    I followed this recipe to a T also except I doubled it. FLAT FLAT cookies. Taste good but surprisingly not that lemony. I used Meyer lemons from our yard. I also refrigerated the dough for about 6 hours.
    Any other suggestions?

    1. Stacey says:

      Hi Nancy – sorry these didn’t turn out well for you! A couple things that can cause cookies to be really flat is an oven temp that is too hot, so you could check if your oven is calibrated correctly. Another thing that causes it is not enough flour, so if you’re measuring your flour a bit light that could cause the cookies to be flat. I usually get 5 oz of flour per cup when I weigh it, I measure it by scooping it with a dry measuring cup and then sweeping the excess flour off with a knife. If you measure your flour differently you could easily get a different amount which could make a difference. Another possibility is inactive baking soda or baking powder, if you’ve had them for a while. You also want to bake them on the middle rack of the oven for even heat. As to the lemon taste, Meyer lemons do have a different flavour so that could make a difference, but to make it more lemony you can use lemon extract instead of vanilla, and add in more lemon zest. I’ve done both of those things and it does pump up the lemon flavour in the cookies. Hopefully that helps!

  4. aurora says:

    Hi! my cookies turned out flat n kinda raw, even tho i followed the recipe to a T, why do you think that is? the taste is amazing though

    1. Stacey says:

      Hi Aurora – I’m glad you liked the taste, but I’m sorry they didn’t bake enough for you! As far as how flat they ended up, I would suggest chilling them for a little longer. I like to scoop this dough with a cookie scoop onto the baking sheet and then chill it for an hour so that even after rolling the cookies into tight balls and rolling them in sugar, the dough is still cold when it goes in the oven. You can also chill them again before baking them to try and keep them a little thicker. As far as being a bit raw, you might use a different kind of cookie sheet that bakes a bit differently then mine, or your oven temp may be a bit off? I suggest baking them until they aren’t shiny at all on top, and are just starting to brown on the edges. This will give you soft and chewy cookies, but they shouldn’t be raw. For me that’s about 10 minutes, but if your oven temp is a little different (sometimes they aren’t calibrated the same) then it may be longer then that.

      1. Aurora says:

        Thank you!! I tried again chilling them overnight n letting them cook for longer n they worked perfectly, my uni classmates loved them!

    1. Stacey says:

      I haven’t noticed them looking different after freezing, but I haven’t made and frozen them in quite a while. Some people have mentioned that the powdered sugar does tend to melt into the cookies when baking and you might find it doing the same thing when defrosting, but like I said, I haven’t noticed that being a problem. You will want to make sure you’re very generous with the powdered sugar when you’re coating the cookie dough before baking as that helps with keeping it visible on the cookies after baking.

    1. Stacey says:

      I haven’t tried that with these cookies but I think it would work. They will likely take a couple extra minutes to bake though if you’re baking from frozen. Let me know how they turn out if you try it!

    1. Stacey says:

      No I didn’t add any food colouring. Maybe the amount of lemon zest used? I just use the zest from one lemon, and chop it finely – it’s usually about 2 teaspoons but I don’t measure it out real carefully or anything, so it might have been a bit more than that! If you want them to be really yellow you could definitely add some food colouring, but I never did. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. grace says:

    “Add the softened butter and cream until light and fluffy.”
    What is this cream and where did the it come from???? I’m so confused

    1. Stacey says:

      Hi Grace – “cream” is a term used in baking which simply means mixing your butter and sugar together until well blended, leaving you with a fluffy light yellow mix. Sorry for the confusion. The word cream is used as a verb in that sentence, not as an ingredient to add.

    2. Nichole says:

      I think if it was worded after sugar and zest is mixed “cream together sugar mixture and softened butter”
      My husband asked what kind of cream also.

  6. Barbara Karr says:

    Well, you are off to a good start with the fall recipes! Lemon cookies and a hot cup of coffee or tea are perfect on a chilly fall day. I would like to see recipes for thick creamy soups and casseroles that are warm and cheesy. Can you tell I’m getting ready to settle in for the coming weather changes? Love this time of year! Back to baking to warm the house and the belly.Barb

  7. Abby says:

    These look & sound so good & I can’t wait to make them.

    I would like to PIN the Raspberry Lemon Cookies… can’t find a way to do that,
    anyone know ?? I appreciate any help & advise !

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