Greek 7 Layer Dip

Greek seven layer dip

This tasty Greek 7 layer dip makes the perfect appetizer or snack. Quick and easy to make and full of flavour, it’s also healthier then most dips!

Seven layer dip

This Greek 7 layer dip is amazing.

So good. I first had it when my husband’s aunt brought it to a family get together last summer. I loved it.

I’m a sucker for a good dip though. Especially 7 layer dip.

Greek seven layer dip

This Mexican 7 layer dip is one of my favourites. So easy to make, tastes great, and everybody loves it. That’s basically the perfect dip.

But now it’s going to be hard to decide whether to make that one, or this new Greek 7 layer dip when I’m craving that 7 layer dip deliciousness.

Because they’re both SO tasty.

7 Layer Dip

As soon as I tried this Greek version last summer, I knew that I had to make it again as soon as possible. I loved it.

Roasted garlic hummus, creamy tzatziki sauce, crumbled feta cheese, and all the veggies scooped up on some pita or tortilla chips – it’s pretty amazing.

And healthier then it’s Mexican counterpart I do believe. Although I don’t even care about that, because it’s so delicious.

Greek 7 layer dip

How to make Greek 7 Layer Dip:

Greek 7 Layer Dip

I’ve also shared this Greek 7 Layer Dip recipe over on Food Fanatic.   

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